2012: Our Role in the Evolution of Human Consciousness

What can we all do to make a difference in this insane world of ours?

What does December 21, 2012 mean to you? Countless prophecies, both ancient and modern, suggest cataclysmic shifts as conveyed by Hopi legends, the Bible’s Book of Revelation, the Mayan calendar, and a host of psychics and visionaries. Could it be, as some have interpreted, that we are experiencing the end of the world as we know it, as we charge unconsciously into the dark night of our planetary soul?

What do you see when you look around our world? Have you noticed that our Universe is transforming at warp speed? What can we make of the unprecedented meteorological events, global warming, magnetic field shifts, unabated terrorism and the exponentially accelerating pace of change?

Or might we view these events from a more enlightened platform of opportunity and growth, rather than from a reactive state of fear?

Spiritual theorists surmise that the true meaning of the 2012 predictions is not that the earth will necessarily experience destruction, but that we are fast approaching the end of a great cosmic cycle leading to a massive leap in the evolution of human consciousness. To many, this shift looks like an initiation that is leading us into a metaphoric death and rebirth scenario.

Depending upon the demeanor of our psyche, we can either catastrophize the impending shift, making choices based upon fear, or we can welcome the chaos we are experiencing for its transformational potential to grow our soul and raise the vibration of the Earth.

We are being offered an opportunity to transcend today’s reality in order to birth a new consciousness; and like the hundredth monkey phenomenon, if enough of us raise our vibration to live with love and compassion for each other and for Mother Earth, we can shift our world into a new and ever-expanding paradigm. There is one certainty, however, that stands before us as a torch in the darkness; we must change our ways before it is too late for us as a species. It is up to each of us to take responsibility for our actions; for how we show up in each moment impacts the all.

It is time to transcend the limited dualistic thinking that has become the model of our world, and honor the Oneness of our Universe. As quantum physicist David Bohm explains, “when matter is investigated, it is revealed as an ocean of energy and light.” We, too, are oceans of energy and light, at one with all that is, with every thought, word, and deed impacting everything they touch, as evidenced by the butterfly whose singular flight shifts the winds across the Earth.

We must awaken from our externalized trance and claim our significant role in this process of rebirth. Our greatest task is to awaken the divine self within. By focusing our awareness on our internal compass, listening to our inner wisdom, and connecting our light with the light of the world, we will live out our soul purpose. The choice is up to us, individually and collectively, as with each action, we either add to the light of our Universe or increase the darkness of a fear-filled world.

I invite you to step up to this challenge: to take a quantum leap into infinite possibility, releasing fear, and wrapping your arms and heart around the globe, infusing our Universe with the energy of acceptance, love and gratitude. Daniel Pinchbeck offers us sage advice. “The change required of us is not an unfelt, intellectual shift to some ‘spiritual’ or psychic perspective, but a fully embodied and intimately personal process. We are being called upon to open our hearts, as well as our minds, to the radiant flame of transformation.”

This is how we counteract the fear that strangles the earth today. It is both our opportunity and our responsibility to be the light beings we are, to be totally present and accountable for the energy we emit into the world. Together we stand, willing to transcend ancient paradigms and participate in this wondrous rebirth of humanity.

This challenge encourages us to open the gates of our perception, expanding our awareness to encompass a world far bigger than we’ve ever imagined. We are invited to reawaken our innate nature of love and compassion for a world seemingly out of control, and take responsibility for co-creating a future of infinite possibility.

If you would like assistance in making this shift in your life let’s talk.   


Janet Dwinells
Soul Coach & Hypnotherapist