Golfing Adventure

What fun to be golfing here in Kodaikanal! The last thing I thought I’d be doing in India is golfing but I found a sporting buddy here at the Zendo and we’ve gone twice now and have loved every minute.

Manu and Me

Manu, my caddy, grew up on this course and has been a caddy here for 46 years. I thought it was amazing that he could know exactly which club a woman should use every shot but with his ingenious assistance, I actually played pretty well. Manu had a gorgeous bright smile and jokingly told me I should smuggle the 4 wood home with me. I told him I was going to smuggle him home as well. He was also a great mathmetician, not my strong suit, so I would ask him, “How many shots have I taken so far” and he’d reply, 1 bad, 2 good, with a smirky smile. It made me laugh to watch him clean and reset my ball after every shot onto a nice high tuft of grass. Now this is my kind of golf I was thinking, until I learned that it’s actually called “preferred lie” which is legal because the course is so rough. And I just thought he was being sweet.

Protected Green

In California, I’ve seen deer, wild turkeys, and loads of geese roaming the courses but here the wildlife is a bit more exotic. Each green is surrounded by 8 foot fences so the bison, who come out after 3 in the afternoon, won’t stomp and poop all over the greens. The mounds they do drop are humungous leaving me to wonder what would happen if the ball landed in one. Thankfully I haven’t had the pleasure of finding out as of yet.

The intrepid monkees are fun to watch but you don’t want to get too close as I’ve heard they can be pretty nasty. This little one was adorable! On the 7th hole the fog came rolling in within minutes and we literally couldn’t see a thing. It was hilarious listening to the 4 of us try to find each other, the balls and the hole itself.

Monkey See

I loved the feeling of being lost in the clouds and totally having to use one’s intuition to take each shot. Those were definitely Zen moments. Afterwards we were excitedly looking forward to a nice glass of wine at the 5 Star Carlton Hotel only to find out that the day we arrived was election day and no one is allowed to sell liquor on election day per order of the government. If I could vote I’d definitely overthrow whoever made that decision!

Carlton Hotel – a nice respite

Crushed, we settled for lime spritzers or some such concoction. I have to say that it was delightful to enjoy a club sandwich, with chicken, my first meat in a month and french fries! Such a treat and to top it off we discovered a Starbucks clone and sipped a double espresso. Such a warm and relaxing way to end our big outing even as the monsoon made its appearance once again.

Life is just one great big adventure.

Janet Dwinells